The Power Of Visualization – Law Of Attraction

In the last article about Effective Affirmations Guide(you can read the article here) I was telling you about visualization, feelings, and thoughts about the present moment. Today I will explain their importance when thinking about the Law of Attraction. Visualizing your thoughts will always help them manifest faster because once an intention is created in your … Continue reading The Power Of Visualization – Law Of Attraction

How Do We Create Our Reality?

So we've all heard about positive thinking, positive affirmations and that it is important to see the glass half full, not half empty. Somehow when you are in the story you see things differently. Because you get emotionally involved, of course.

Consciousness vs Subconsciousness

No wonder they say that we are what we believe we are and we have what we allow ourselves to have in our minds. The consciousness is only the superficial part of the iceberg, the part that you can see on the surface of the sea, while the subconsciousness is everything that you don't see.

Mind – Feed Your Mind

We keep our minds busy through all manners: movies, video games, TV, newspapers, books, and the little time that we have just with us, we are running from ourselves saying that we got bored or that we are going insane!