Is it your belief or is it theirs? Think for yourself.

This is the big question, indeed! What am I talking about? I am talking about our family’s beliefs, our friends’beliefs, about our environment(social media, politics, culture), but most importantly I’m referring to our parents and our ancestors’ beliefs. Why? Because these beliefs we have already accepted as our own beliefs since we were at a young age, so we don’t question them anymore. They have been imprinted onto our own belief system.

1. We are not perfect

This is not a perfect world, you are not perfect, I am not perfect, he, nor she is perfect. We do need to accept ourselves, our imperfections because we are perfect in our own unicity. But this is not about that. It is about understanding that as much as we try to create a perfect environment for our children, there will always be things, aspects for them to recover from. There will always be aspects that they need to analyze later on, in their adult life. But this is the beauty of life, this is the process. We are here to improve, to evolve, to get better and better. So we make mistakes and we learn. And what better way to learn than the one when you try it yourself? The process is important, not the destination. Period.

2. Our life is a collection of choices

So this is what you need to have in mind when interacting with other people. Our parents, like you and me, were once children, pure and honest souls, and the environment that they chose through birth(because We Choose Our Parents), the decisions that they took, made them the persons that they are now. It is not a burden, nor a curse, it was a choice, and every other moment of our life is also a choice. You don’t like where you are now and where you are headed, then you are a decision away from the person that you want to become. Today I am choosing to stay in a relationship that is hurting me, mentally or physically, or, today I am choosing to put an end to this toxic relationship, and to be happy. Our life becomes a collection of choices, choices that are not good nor bad, they are only choices. Through your choices you learn, you evolve and you reach your potential.

3. Traumas and fears are passed onto the next generations through DNA and education

We should take responsibility for the choices we make, they are not affecting only ourselves, but the environment also, and our future generations. Driven by guilt or fear, in the society today, we continue to educate our children in a toxic way, then they grow up and they have to work hard in order to build or to improve their self-confidence. Also, through our DNA we inherit so much information, and we pass it onto the next generations also! Through the DNA, you pass on your fears, traumas, so you also inherit your ancestors’ fears and traumas, which is why you end up developing the same diseases in the body, as your folks.

4. Analyze your own Belief System (BS)

Once you are aware of all these things start to analyze your own fears and limitations, where do they come from? Are they your own fears and traumas? If you can’t find the cause try to find it in an earlier generation. It might start with a symptom, a tooth ache, a situation, lack of money, lack of love, self-confidence, etc. For example, you have a problem with money, you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, you struggle. What are your beliefs regarding money? What do you constantly affirm through your thoughts, words, actions regarding money? Do you fear that you won’t have enough to support your family? Where does this fear come from? Is it your own fear or is it an imprinted one? (from your family, parents, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc).

5. Analyze your parents(or ancestors) BS

You need to understand that if you accept other peoples’fears and limitations, you accept their baggage with it(their own ancestors’fears and limitations). While we are young, we don’t have this level of awareness, more so, we are like a sponge and we accept our parents’beliefs as a normality. They did the same thing when they were children and this is how everything is perpetuated from generation to generation. So do your parents have a fear of lacking money? What are their affirmations? My mom has one like this: Money goes away as fast as it comes. How can a belief like that help someone?

We need to become more aware of the information that we let inside, we should question more before believing. We do have the power to change our belief systems, we have the power to change our DNA information. You can read more about changing a belief here.

Do you have an example of changing a belief that you had from childhood?


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