Taking action. Law of attraction.

We are responsible for our lives. Once we get that, we can start creating the reality that we want, we start creating it consciously. Affirmations create our reality so we start affirming what we want to happen, then we visualize it, we feel it and then we trust the universe that it is going to bring it to manifestation.

I know, it is easier said than done, but as any other thing in this world, you get better and better at manifesting what you want through practice.

1. See opportunities instead of obstacles

As I was saying in a previous article, you need to work at this mentally but you should also keep your eyes open for opportunities and try to see the positive aspect of each situation, because from those aspects you can build your way through, and most importantly never quit!

From necessity, and from doors that have closed, normal people rose up and created the impossible. Did Steve Jobs quit when was forced out of Apple in 1985? No, he founded NeXT which eventually merged with Apple, saving Apple from bankruptcy, in 1997. Did J.K. Rowling quit when facing the death of her mother, the divorce from her first husband while giving birth of her first child, and the relative poverty? No, she believed in her story and wrote the series, Harry Potter.

So when you feel that there is no solution to a problem, you need to open your eyes wider and read between the lines. And when a door closes it just means that the door is not for you and a better option is waiting for you. A failure is only an adjustment to your path or a complete recalculation of the route 🙂

2. Act as if you already have what you desire

You know that all starts from your attitude towards a situation, it all starts with your thoughts. But don’t you find it difficult to see yourself healthy when you have symptoms that you are not? Or to see yourself in wealth when you don’t have money to pay your rent? Now, let me give you a tip. You need to ‘fool’ your mind to think that you already have that what you desire, and you can do that, you can enter in that state of mind, only by looking through that perspective.

I’ll explain to you in a bit but first, you need to be sure that you have done all the other steps under which the law of attraction works(please see my previous articles) and then you can move to this last step.

Let’s take an example, let’s say that you are waiting for a positive response from an interview, an interview from your dream job, or maybe you are waiting for the dream job to appear. You truly believe that the job is there somewhere, waiting for you. Then ask yourself this ‘What would I do, right now, if I would have this dream job?’.

Think for a bit. Maybe the answer will be ‘I would go to a nice restaurant and have a really nice dinner to celebrate.’ This is an action that supports the idea of having received the dream job already. So go to that nice restaurant and have the dinner. Call your friends and invite them to celebrate with you, why not? Anything that makes it more believable for you, it is worth the penny! It will put you in the NOW moment, you will feel happy now, so you will receive that dream job now.

This is how the Universe works, under these laws, so trust it, trust yourself, have faith, don’t look for obstacles and see the opportunities. Don’t overthink, don’t judge. It is your own right to receive what you desire. Ask for it and when it comes just take it!

Good luck my friends, good luck with manifesting the life that you desire, the life that is in your divine right to have!

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