Why Should We Educate Ourselves?

In the article on Vegan Lifestyle, I was talking about the fact that everyone should educate himself on nutrition and how our body works.

When you buy an appliance, in order to use it, you need to read the specifications. If you don’t read those specifications, it is possible for you not to use it according to the recommendations. By doing so, you might ruin the appliance or shorten its’ lifetime. It is the same case with the human body, but we don’t have that kind of book of specifications. Or we do have it but in other forms. We need to read between the lines and reinterpret.

Unfortunately, society is raising human robots instead of creative people. Why am I so harsh? Because you come into this world with a voice, and society silences the individual voice. If you don’t blend up, if you don’t fit in with society, you are considered to be an outcast. But this is the worst case scenario. The most common situation is that we obey. And this is because we get a good education at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against society, not completely at least. It is good that we have laws that are keeping order in the world(more or less). All that I am saying is that it is not educating us to think. Instead, it is educating us to copy, to compare, to compete, to be selfish, to accept things and not question them, to be manipulated or to manipulate, and much more.

We are far from being happy, the society needs changes. But who is the society? We are the society! So we need to change in order for the society to change. And I don’t want you to tell me that one flower does not make a spring,  or that one swallow does not make a summer! Don’t tell me that if a person changes, he can not change the entire society. Because it is true. The change starts with us, in our minds. Change your mind, and the physical layer will follow the mental one. Period.

By not educating ourselves we just accept what the media, the big corporations, and big industries are telling us to believe. They are manipulating us and we don’t have the knowledge that states the opposite. But the information is available to us, if only we just start looking for it.

Good luck with educating yourself!



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