Is Meat Healthy? Part 2

As I promised, I will present to you some disturbing facts about meat, facts that will make you question all this industry and you will think again before choosing to invest your money and health in them. If you are not willing to find out all of these, please remember that no one is forcing you to read so you can stop at any time. But I do encourage you to educate yourself more about your food and about your health by trying to stay objective because people tend to listen only what they would like to hear.

So here we go:

1. Meat contains fat that is later stored in the arteries

If you have the courage, I dare you to eat a big and fat cheeseburger, and a big ice cream and then go for a blood test. What will happen is that, in the blood sample, the fat will separate from the blood, and you will see a thick and greasy white substance, that can remain stuck to the tube. In the body, this fat will be deposited in the arteries, and And ultimately will cause a heart attack.

2. It increases your death risk

In a study made by Harvard School Of Public Health, they have found that consumption of red meat 1x per day increases by 13% the risk of nerve damage, brain damage, death, and the consumption of processed red meat 1x per day, increases by 20% the risk of death.

“This study provides clear evidence that regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, contributes substantially to premature death.” Harvard School Of Public Health

“Is red meat bad for you? In a word, yes!” Dr. Dean Ornish, PMRI

3. Meat contains E.coli

You should already know what bacteria is this, where do you get it from, and how dangerous it is, right? So, did you know that in the USA 14 billion hamburgers are eaten every year? So you understand how easily you can get this bacteria.

And because this wasn’t easy enough to get contaminated, the disease is also contagious, so just by entering in contact with someone contaminated, you can get it also! Thousands of E.coli bacteria could fit on the head of a pen, you can not see them, can not taste them, can not smell them. I think it is not necessary to tell you that only 10-15 bacterias are enough to kill a child, is it?

But what I find it to be outrageous is that the USDA allows companies that have beef contaminated with E.coli to reuse it, to cook it, repackage it and sell it to the fast-foods, to use it in hamburgers.

4. Animals are being fed with feces and dead animals

FDA states that in the USA, farmers are feeding their cattle with 1-2 million tons of chicken feces, every year. And they wonder how did their cattle get the mad cow disease. So what happens if their animals die? Do not worry, because there is no place for waste, so they just feed their survival cows with the flesh of the other dead animals. And they do not stop here, they also feed them with euthanized dogs and cats, dead raccoons, etc.

5. The resulting meat is glued with meat glue

So you can’t say that the farmers (or the meat industry) aren’t creative enough. They do not let any meat(or any other animal’s parts) get wasted, so everything that they have, they mix it together, and they add meat glue. This meat glue enzyme is called transglutaminase and is mixed with cow’s blood. It basically can glue any time on protein! And this is how they obtain the meat! And the unfortunate thing is that the resulted meat looks so natural! Not even an expert could tell the difference!

6. The resulting “meat” contains only 2.1 % real meat

A research has been done and they’ve found that a burger’s meat has the same tissue found in hot dogs!

“Meat content in the hamburgers ranged from 2.1% to 14.8% ” – Study on Fast food hamburgers: what are we really eating?

7. Meat contains ammonia

In 2001, an entrepreneurial company from South Dakota came up with a novel idea by injecting beef with ammonia in order to kill the E.coli bacteria!

They separate the fat from the protein in a centrifugal recipient, then they spray the meat with ammonia gas to kill all the bacteria, they form blocks of meat, refrigerate them and ship it to shops, and they don’t even put ammonia on the label! If it’s pink, it’s meat!

Funny, in 2003, 7,000 pounds of this beef product was returned from a state prison because the cooks detected a “very strong odor of ammonia”. But they do feed it to children in schools because it was cheaper by 3 cents.

People wanna believe that the place where they buy their meat from, don’t sell this kind of products. People wanna believe that their meat comes from an animal that has never felt any pain, that has never suffered, but in reality, they don’t really wanna know about it. And this is ok. It is ok because the masses were manipulated by such a big industry! It is not ok to not get curious about your food and health. But now you know, so what do you choose? Whatever it is, be gentle with your body because it doesn’t need any more work to do!

I may only hope that this article has raised your awareness considering the food that you eat and that you will choose better next time. Do not wait for the unfortunate to happen before you take certain decisions regarding your body, your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Next, we will be talking about eggs and if they are healthy for us. So stay tuned!


Photo credits: Cristina Tripon

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