How Do Ancestors Influence Our Lives?

There are two perspectives that I want to develop in this article. The first one is linked to our genes, how do ancestors influence our lives on the physical layer, in the physical body, and the second one is about our psychological predisposition, how do they influence our perspectives.

But first, we need to understand why is this important for us to know, and how can we use this information? Getting to know our ancestors we get to know ourselves better. By ancestors, I am referring to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. We get to understand why we have certain medical predispositions and how we can heal those parts, and I am not talking about any medication here. Our bodies are built to be healthy, to thrive, they are not built to develop certain medical conditions. Our life is meant to have a meaning, is meant to be abundance. Knowing your predispositions, emotionaly or physically, you get to work on them and you get to understand where do some of your thoughts and reactions come from.

You are still yourself, don’t get me wrong, you have your own dreams, your own thoughts, and perception, but you are also a most developed version of them.

From the physical point of view, the closest examples and the most simple ones are if you examine your parents. You inherited your parent’s genes, so this is why you look alike. What I find it to be so interesting is that thoughts and emotions influence directly our bodies. A man that only experienced anger, frustration, grief in his life, will age faster than a man that only experienced joy, love, and fulfillment.

You can see this phenomenon so easily on elderly people. Why do some look so young, so vivid? It might be from their genes, yes. But I bet that it also has a lot to do with how they have lived their lives. But how does this work? If our ancestors had a medical condition, doctors say that we could have inherited it also. Let me tell you a thing! The emotional predisposition that we have in this life is also inherited from our ancestors.

The scientists have found that through our DNA, through the genetic information that is carried, there is also an emotional information. Amazing! Isn’t it? Thoughts and feelings create our body, so if we have inherited our great-grandfathers traumas, we might develop a medical condition also.

I am not here to discourage you, to make you feel disempowered. No! We can control our thoughts and emotions, we can create our reality! If we don’t feed our bodies with the triggers that are not good for us, we can not get those medical conditions. All you need to do is to become more self-aware and start working with yourself. It is you that matter the most, it is you that are the most important in your life. If you are not ok, your whole Universe is not ok.

There is another thing that I want to talk with you. It is the psychological point of view. Have you ever wondered why you have bad luck in something, just like your parents? Let’s take as an example their relationship. Let’s say that they are not happy, they always argue, they always fight. Guess what? This is the normality that you grew up with, the normality that you are used to, the one in which you feel comfortable, the one in which you learned how to survive. Subconsciously you will take the same decisions as them, in an argument, you will react in the same manner as them, you will attract the same type of partner as your mother or father, you will hide behind their values and principles. It is time for you to dissociate from them and to make your own decisions, your own values, to set your own ground limits.

It is you that has the power in your life, so you just need to analyze everything and to question yourself if what you are thinking are your parent’s principles or yours? You can break this circle now on your generation and you can stop perpetuating values that do not serve you well.

Yes, we are linked to our ancestors, and this is not a bad thing, we are who we are also because of them. Each and every one of us is an image of them, a picture of their feelings and emotions, of their fears and dreams. With each generation, we evolve as human beings, we evolve as souls, we evolve as species. This is life, but in our life, we decide for ourselves, not our ancestors. They have lived their lives, now you are living yours under your terms.

Now that you’ve found out why you have the things that your parents have, it is time for you to take action and think for yourself. We will talk about this step in the next article so stay tuned!

Until then. good luck with becoming a better version of yourself and with raising your awareness!


Photo credits: Cristina Tripon


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