Letting Go & Trusting The Universe

As I was saying in a previous article, affirmations create our reality, more so, beliefs create our reality. Beliefs are the ideas that you just accept as being true, you don’t question them, and what is interesting is that the beliefs don’t have to be true for everyone, but they are true for you.

They might be silly, or not, only you decide for yourself. The thing with beliefs is that you know that they are true. But how do you know? Maybe it’s because you’ve tried it already and you perceived it as a good/bad experience, or maybe someone else has tried it, and because you give credit to that person, you don’t necessarily need to experience that situation, you just believe it because that person believes it.

Let me tell you a thing! Do not let other people’s beliefs become your beliefs that easily! Question the beliefs if they bring you any good or not? If yes, then ok, but if not, do not accept other people’s limitations as your own. You have enough limitations of your own to deal with, you don’t need more!

So you have a belief, let’s say it is a bad belief and that you need to change it to the opposite side, to replace it with a good belief. This is a longer or a shorter process, based on how strong is that bad belief. Why? You can read more about it here.

If it is a stronger belief, the process to change that belief will last longer. So you need to be patient and give yourself the time to accept the new belief. You can read more about how do we create our reality here and how affirmations/beliefs create our reality here.

The point is that once you understand how affirmations create our reality, and after you decide to shift a certain belief, you do all the steps, you visualize it, you feel it happening(you can see an effective affirmations guide here). If you do all those steps and nothing materializes, then you need to know one more thing.

The most important step is for you to trust that you will experience whatever it is that you want to experience, you should accept it, and don’t worry about it anymore. You release this intention in the Universe, and the Universe will put everything in motion. This is its job, and he’s so good at this! So you have the Universe on your side, trust it! Do not struggle with finding a way to solve your problem.

You know exactly where you wanna get, but you don’t need to know how to get there! Not at this point anyway. Do not hold on to the idea. Just release it. The answer will come when you will least expect it. This is how it works.

I’m not saying that you don’t have to do anything about it. No! You just need to look for the opportunities! Keep your eyes open and try to see opportunities, not excuses or obstacles. Get out of your comfort zone and when you see the opportunity just take it. Because the Universe brought it to you. The Universe can not accept it for you because it is you that needs to evolve. And you evolve by getting out of your comfort zone, by overcoming your limitations.

But what happens when you really, really want something to happen? You are thinking over and over at how badly you want it. You just can’t stand it if you don’t get the thing that you want. So what happens is that you invest a lot of energy into these feelings, the feeling of not having, the feeling of wishing, the feeling of not standing it anymore. These are not quite positive feelings are they? The truth is that wishes come from the Someday Land, they happen someday. Is this what you want?

In order for a desire to come true, you need to release it in the universe and to trust it from your heart that it will happen. It is kind of the same with believing in God. You haven’t seen Him, but you do trust that He exist. The solution to your problem will come when you are willing to see it and when you are willing to hear it.

Just trust the Universe! Let it all go and see what happens because it all happens for a reason!  🙂

Next, we will be talking about actions that support your affirmations and their importance, so stay tuned!


Photo credits: Cristina Tripon

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