I AM – The most powerful affirmation

I am an engineer; I am beautiful; I am sad; I am a man; I am pleased; I am annoyed; I am angry; I am tall; I am doubtful; I am not good enough. Let’s take a moment and analyze all the I AM affirmations that we have about ourselves. Are they positive affirmations? Are they said from a place of love for the self? Are they supportive?

Affirmations are made based on a conscious/subconscious belief and each affirmation has a certain vibration in the Universe. Usually, positive affirmations have a higher frequency, a higher vibration than the negative ones. It is said that I AM has the highest vibration so this is why you should start all your affirmations with it. Some people made it a mantra so after each affirmation, they continue repeating the mantra “I am that I am”.

I have to mention that, of course, an affirmation that has a higher vibration than another, is more powerful, but also the consistency with which it is repeated is also important. You can not undo a negative situation just by saying a positive affirmation only once. Be honest with yourself, a negative situation is a result of a consistent thought, or of a pattern of thoughts. If you repeat, again and again, the old negative thoughts, and then you affirm, just once, the positive thought, don’t blame the Universe. As I was saying in a previous article (you can read the article about affirmations here), repetition is the key. Through repetition you created a belief, so through repetition, you will change an old belief and you will replace it with a new one.

Using the present tense of the verb to be, together with the pronoun I, is what makes the affirmation I AM so powerful. For the Universe things are simple, if you put energy into something, it grows. The Universe doesn’t know about the future or the past, only the present moment exists. By saying “I want a car”, you are putting energy into the feeling of wanting something, a car. God is giving you the thing that you are putting energy into: the feeling of desire. This is why in the present moment you will not experience the feeling of owning a car, meaning that you will never have the car, it will always be in the future. So here you have the solution for the problem, the feeling that you should invest your energy into is the feeling of owning a car. This is when the I AM affirmation comes in handy. By replacing the I want with I am you automatically replace the desire with the feeling of owning it: I am the dream car. For more tips on how to create effective affirmations, you can check my guide here.

I know that I AM energy, I AM God, so I AM the thing that I want. If I want happiness, I will say I AM happiness. You can already feel the happiness in this moment, your soul feels it, your face feels it, all your muscles and well-being feel it. Amazing! Your perception changed from one little word AM!

Take a moment to analyze the beliefs that you have about yourself. What do you usually say, when you affirm I am…? What do you think about yourself? Let’s consciously realize what are the subconscious I am affirmations about ourselves?

Only this way we can understand why do we have the reality that we have. First, all is created in the mind and then it is materialized in our reality. We are our own creators. And we also have the power of choice. We understand that we create our reality and we choose to create our reality consciously. How? Analyze and discover what are your beliefs, why do you think so? And then change them! They didn’t serve you well in the past, they will not serve you well in the future… Let it go!

If you are not aware of a problem, how can you solve it? Understand that those beliefs were created based on other people’s beliefs and that their limitations should not be your own limitations. We are the ones that are holding ourselves back.

Good luck with creating the reality that you consciously chose it!

Next, we will be talking about the most important step Letting Go and trusting the Universe, so stay tuned!

Photo credits: Cristina Tripon


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