The Mirroring Effect On The World Around You

In the last article on How Do We Choose Our Parents (you can read the article here) I was telling you about the Mirror Effect and that it influences the world around us.

So what is Mirroring or the Mirror Effect?

Basically, the Mirror Effect means that everything that surrounds us is a reflection of who and what we are inside. Ok, but you might have heard about this reflection and no one called it a mirror effect, or if it did, how exactly does it help you? Well, first of all, you need to understand that today we will be talking about feelings.

So this means that every feeling that you have it is reflected from the other people back to you, and vice-versa, every feeling that someone around you has will be reflected back to them, through you. In other words, you make people feel how you feel, and they make you feel how they feel. Interesting isn’t it?

How does it help us if we know about it?

  • you understand how important it is to surround yourself with the right type of people, happy and positive people;

This way, you will start being more aware of your thoughts and the transition from negativity to positivity will be done smoothly. Of course that if you are a negative thinking person you can transmit your negativeness even to a positive person since the mirror effect works in both directions, but it depends a lot on their awareness and state of mind. The point is that if you change your thinking, being around people with the same vibration that you want to achieve, will help you do just that.

  • you find solutions quickly and know how to mediate a conflict;

If you know how a person feels, in a case of a conflict, you get to find a solution easily. For example, let’s say that in the couple life you are planning all the vacations and everyday activities. Your partner is being put in the position where he/she has nothing to say but to agree. By saying something he/she knows that it might be upsetting for you, so they end up frustrated and feeling out of control in their lives.

So little by little they start doing activities on their own, that might include you or not, but they are made without your consent, so you end up frustrated and feeling out of control. Your partner has mirrored his/her emotions, you now feel how he/she felt. So you understand that by asking for your partner’s opinion you would have jumped over this situation from the start and this mirroring would not have taken place.

  • you understand the other person’s needs by knowing what are your needs;

In a relationship, the mirroring effect is so clear and so helpful because knowing how you feel shows you how you made your partner feel; and by shifting your perception you can start doing what would help you feel different than the way you feel: if you feel abandoned, not loved, and you know that this is how you made your partner feel, you know the solution for the problem and everything shifts fast and easily.

  • you get to know yourself more in order to become a better version of yourself;

Only by seeing defects in another person, you get to observe your own defects. The thing that annoys you the most in another person is the thing that you need to change in yourself. This is the reason why we don’t all find the same people hard to take. So if you find a person to be extremely stingy and it annoys you the most, it would probably mean that you are also stingy and you might start working on the self. It is always easier to see your defects if they are amplified in another person.

By understanding what mirroring is and applying it to our lives, it will help us know ourselves better and also the people around us. Because we are here to evolve and in order to do that we need to be around people and experience certain situations. But you should also remember that a lot of arguments and conflicts appear when there is a lack of communication. And the most disturbing thing is to stop communicating with your own soul.

Next, we will be talking about the signs that indicate that you have disconnected yourself from your soul. Stay tuned!


My inspiration is Teal Swan. You can check her blog here and her youtube channel here.

Photo Credits: Cristina Tripon

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