The Power Of Visualization – Law Of Attraction

In the last article about Effective Affirmations Guide(you can read the article here) I was telling you about visualization, feelings, and thoughts about the present moment. Today I will explain their importance when thinking about the Law of Attraction.

Visualizing your thoughts will always help them manifest faster because once an intention is created in your mind, the physical layer will always follow it. Have you ever wondered why does a thought manifests so fast sometimes? And why does a deep desire never happens? Well, the law of attraction does exist, either you believe it or not. If the results fail to happen, it just means that you are doing something wrong. So let’s dive a little bit deeper to understand how this works.

So what is visualization after all? Is it just running pictures in your mind? Not really. Is more a combination of images and feelings. It is the creativity when redecorating your room, the details and the love that you put into a project, the excitement when going to a concert, the love for your loved ones, the gratitude  for the talents that you possess, the surprise made by your friends, the contentment and satisfaction when your mind is at ease.

But what do I mean with all these, you might say? I mean that when you want a thought to materialize, you can start by analyzing all the above cases, when did a thought materialize fast? What does all of them have in common?

  1. Visualization
  2. Feelings
  3. Present moment

Have you ever had a thought about something without putting your emotions into it? I don’t think so. Let’s take an example. You decide that you want a new job, the one that you have is not making you happy and you are not earning as much as you would like to. So what do you do? You create an intention: a new job. And you start to create the reality in your mind first. You think about all the details that your job should have: a flexible work schedule involves helping people, has an x figures salary, etc, etc. Now you start imagining yourself having that job, you start feeling the joy, the fulfillment that the job brings you and you imagine having it already.

Some people do this as a habit, they imagine things, thinking that they already have them right now, just because it makes them happy, in the present moment. All that we do in a day, all that we do in life, is meant to make us happy. We are in a pursuit of happiness, all the time. So if a man is feeling happier in the present moment just by imagining all the things that he does not have yet in his reality, but he feels like he already has them, then why not to do so? At the end of the day, he is happier.

And the thing is that he unconsciously knows something that we all should have known a long time ago: if you have a sane mind, you also have an imagination. If you have an imagination, you already have everything that you want.

The secret for an effective visualization is to fuel your thought, your intention, with feelings and to always, but always know and believe that you already have them. Once you believe that you have them, your feelings change from desire to have/possess to appreciation and gratitude. The Universe functions with gratitude and it gives you more.

Release the intention in the Universe, and believe it already happened. Do not resist it, do not beg for it to happen, just know it already happened and that you already have the thing that you desire. When you resist, you actually feed that intention with a different type of energy. When you desire something so badly, it will never happen. You are putting yourself in the position to desire and never own the thing that you want.

Make an intention, visualize, feel, thank for already having it, release it and it will manifest.

I wish you a lot of creativity in visualizing your life.

Next, we will be talking about I AM affirmation, what it is and how can we use it to create the life that we desire. Stay tuned!



  • Book: The Secret by Daniel Sevigny
  • Movie: The Secret
  • Movie: What The Bleep Do We Know


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