We Choose Our Parents

In the previous article on How do we attract people into our lives I was talking about soul contracts and agreements between souls. Choosing our parents is based on the same principle with attracting people into our lives, only that this time we choose the family that helps us experience certain situations.

Life is about the experience, and the experience is about evolving. So everything that we have, do, say, lifts us up and we grow.

Once I have read about how the soul that wants to come into manifestation, has the power of making two people get in love and conceive him. Just like a cupid. It happens so often for people to wonder what happened to them and why did they get in love with a person that they didn’t have anything in common. Or why after conceiving a baby, the mother and father split up. I think that this is all connected. The baby wanted to come into manifestation in that family, the parents didn’t need a relationship but they’ve wanted to experience the beauty of being a mother and father, or just needed the experience of abandoning the child, etc.

The soul of the baby is choosing his parents considering many aspects such as country, region, sex, religion, material possessions, genes, ancestors, etc. He is choosing the perfect place for his soul to evolve.

So next time you blame your parents for something, remember that you have chosen them and that you have things to learn from them. They have helped you experience things and they helped your soul to evolve.

Likewise, you should welcome the soul when it comes to Planet Earth and thank it for choosing you as a parent. A baby is not just a baby, it is a soul that has chosen you.

It is funny when you think how many things we take for granted. And also it is wonderful when you see the beauties of life and it is amazing to realize the easiness of how the Universe puts everything in motion. Everything is connected just like a web, if you pull a string, you create disharmonies everywhere around you. This is the reason why if you are balanced, everything in your life is balanced. And the most important thing to remember is that the change starts within not with the things around you.

I wish you to have a good determination in becoming your greatest version!

Next, we will be talking about The Mirror Effect, how you feel is mirrored back to you by the world around you. Stay tuned!

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