Make Your Affirmations More Effective

We were talking in the previous article about Affirmations and how they create our reality. So as I promised I will give you a little guide about how to build effective affirmations in order to create the life that you want, an abundant life.

First, you need to understand that an affirmation is everything that you speak, think and do. When you decide that you need to change something in your life and you see that it is not working as you would like it to, that means that you have a belief in your subconscious mind.

When it comes to the subconscious mind, the information is not accessible that easily. What you have to do is to reprogram that belief. The subconscious mind is not like the conscious mind for it to listen to you just by giving it one order. To reprogram it there are a few techniques and the easiest one is through repetition. In a future article, we will be covering the scientific explanation of how this works.


  • Do not use negation: every word that you speak has a certain vibration in the Universe, if you say anti-war, the Universe is hearing WAR so it is giving you more of it;
  • Do not joke: the Universe doesn’t know about jokes; you might say “I am fat as an elephant”, the Universe thinks that this is what you want so you will become bigger and bigger, and you will not know why;
  • Every thought is an affirmation: so choose your thoughts carefully;
  • Every word is an affirmation: so do not gossip;
  • I am affirmation: the words I AM have the biggest vibration in the Universe, so you should start your affirmations with I am;
  • 28 consecutive days habit: when you want a new thing in your life, say an affirmation for 28 consecutive days because in this period of time you can develop a new habit, and new connections are built in your brain;
  • 21 repetition rule: so you have decided that you need a new thing/person in your life in order to be happy, so you chose an affirmation that you are going to repeat for 28 days, but each day you are going to repeat that affirmation for 21 times;
  • Do not take breaks: during the 21 times of repeating your affirmation, you should not take breaks, you should stay present in the moment; more so, during the 28 days of developing a habit, stay consistent with your program and make sure that those 28 days are consecutive;
  • Write the affirmations down: in order for the practice to be more effective, it is always better if you write your affirmations down; this engages your visual memory also;
  • Speak the affirmations: when you write down the affirmation try to pronounce it loudly as you write;
  • Visualize: when you say your affirmations, try and visualize what you desire, once your wish happens in your mind, it will always happen in the real life;
  • Feel the feelings: feeling what you would feel in the moment when your wish would materialize, fuels your thought even more;
  • The present form of the verb: it is extremely important for you to use the present form of the verb when you say your affirmation because otherwise the thing that you desire will always be in the future, and since the future doesn’t exist in the present moment, it means that your wish will never materialize.

Choose the points that you resonate with but start reprogramming your beliefs today in order to manifest the life that you desire. Do not wait for a better time to come, because it will never come if you don’t make it!

Next, we will be talking about the power of visualization.


  • Finding the power within, Princeps version, by Niculina Gheorghita
  • The movie The Secret
  • The movie What The Bleep Do We Know


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