How Do We Attract People Into Our Lives?

In the last article on Soul, I was talking about soul “contracts” and how attachments don’t let us evolve.

So in order to answer to our question on how do we attract people into our lives, we need to understand what we are doing here.

I’m taking the risk of repeating myself but I find this to be very important. Our soul is here to evolve. We are here to experience. Either I say soul or I say I, it is the same because we are mind, body, and soul. That which we call I, cannot exist, under this manifestation that we call human (or living being), without all three.

One cannot evolve without another, so we need to interact. This is a reason why people need to be around people. We help each other to evolve.

Soul “contracts” are agreements between souls. These agreements are made based on what experience each soul needs in order to evolve. Let’s take an example. If a soul needs to experience a perspective of abandon, a perspective of someone to abandon him, the soul will make an agreement with another soul which in turn needs to experience a perspective of abandoning someone. As I was saying in a previous article, on Karma, it is all about perspective, not about punishment, so if in a previous life you experienced a certain perspective, in a next life you may want to choose the mirrored perspective. From abandoning someone to being abandoned.

So both of the souls learn from this experience, and once both have experienced their perspective, they move on and they let the next experience to come into their lives. If you hold on to the past, if you have attachments for the past, you are not letting your soul evolve. See more about attachments here. This is when you stop resonating with your soul and you lose your appetite to live. Nothing makes sense and you get depressed and sad.

Our soul is communicating to us if only we could start listening to it! It is trying to lead from the background, giving us hints that help us discover what we like. Once we live in accordance with our soul, we achieve happiness and fulfillment. We resonate with our soul, we resonate with life. We live with passion and we raise our vibration. We reach to others like us, and we inspire one another.

Good luck in inspiring others!

A very dear person to me, that I have found my inspiration in, is Teal Swan. You can check her blog here and her youtube channel here.

Next, we will be talking about how our soul picks where to come into manifestation, how do we choose our parents.

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