Affirmations Create Our Reality

In the previous article on How Do We Create Our Reality we were talking about how the universe is creating our reality based on our desires. And when I say desires, I am referring to the thing that you put most of your energy into.

For example, let’s say you are very angry because your business is not working as you would like it to, and you complain all the time, guess what? You are putting a lot of energy into this and the Universe understands that this is what you want. So it gives you more. Our minds divide the things in two, in bad or good, so the energy that you are transmitting to the universe, our minds conceive it to be a “bad” energy. The Universe doesn’t make a difference though, between good or bad, since good and bad is only the result of our minds analysis.

Now let’s see what affirmations are. I think that we have all heard about affirmations related to positive thinking, haven’t we? Basically, affirmations are every thought that we think, every word that we speak. After a thought is created, a feeling emerges from the thought and it fuels the thought. So, you fuel the thought with a feeling or a word. Powerful isn’t it?

According to a study, a person has between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, while 80% are negative, and 95% are repetitive. (National Science Foundation)

Do you still wonder why you don’t have all that you desire? Yes? Ok. Then let’s dive a little bit deeper into this.

Let’s say that you struggle with money. You just received your paycheck today and you’ve already spent most of it on bills and loans. This is a fact, this is what you have created. Now, how does it make you feel? You feel discouraged and disappointed, you always thought you will become successful. Now you feel scared, how are you going to start a family with no money or how can you support the family that you already have? Your children are growing up, they have more and more needs, you need to support them with their college, and so on. You feel despair, you feel disempowered.

You need to understand this simple law, the law of attraction because you’ve just put a lot of energy into something that you didn’t desire. So when you put energy into something, the Universe is giving you more. The universe is the genie of the lamp. You say ‘I am broke’, the genie says ‘ok, you are broke, and you will continue to be’. You say ‘I am sad’, ‘ok, here you have more sadness in your life’; ‘I am ill’, ‘ok, your wish is my command’.

A friend once told me that if what I am saying is true, then it is impossible to get what you want. ‘Ok, it is impossible to get what you want’.

Wrong! We can discipline our mind if we put our mind into this. It has to be a conscious decision. When we came on this planet we didn’t have any judgments, we just accepted all as it was. So a big part of our thinking was formed by our parents. Just by looking at our parents’ situation on health and wealth, we can draw some conclusions.

It is up to us to break the circle and change our future.

Good luck with changing your affirmations.

Next, we will be diving a little bit deeper into affirmations and I will give you a small guide for creating effective and powerful affirmations. Stay tuned!

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