Vegan Lifestyle: Is It Healthy?

Veganism has become a movement that is rapidly expanding. So we ask ourselves the questions: is it an awakening or just an unconsciousness? Is it a fad or is it healthier?

The truth is that there are too many opinions on the internet and there are too many opinions throughout the doctors. We have a saying in Romania: how many doctors there are, as many opinions they have. So wich one is true, and wich one should you trust? My opinion, me not being a doctor?  No one, trust no one! Trust only yourself. I am not aiming to convince you of anything. Do what your heart and soul dictate you. If it doesn’t resonate with you, it is ok. This article is not for you. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what a vegan lifestyle means, but you are curious about it, then you should know that it basically means not to use anything that comes from animals. Vegans don’t consume animal products and they don’t use it either, neither in make-up, neither as clothes or shoes. You might think it is a little bit extreme. It is ok. I once believed this too.

But is it healthy? Do you get enough protein from this diet? Do you get enough calcium? Do you get enough vitamins and minerals? It this really healthy?

In terms of how our body was built, in my opinion, the vegan lifestyle is the perfect lifestyle to live. The human body was not built to consume animal products. Period. I’ll do a summary of all the animal products, planning to cover all of them in separate articles.

  1. Dairy products
    • the human body is naturally lactose intolerant, except for the first 2-3 years, when it is nursed
    • the human body adapted in the manner that some people are not lactose intolerant anymore, or they are not aware if they are because their intolerance symptoms reduced
    • it causes inflammation in the body which makes the calcium that you have in your bones decompose, in order to reduce inflammation, so this means that you lose calcium
    • and more…
  2. Meat
    • the human body is not built to digest meat, because of the enzymes produced in our oral cavity, because of the shape of our teeth, because of the length of our intestines
    • and more…
  3. Eggs
    • they are everything but healthy, they have a lot of cholesterol, which ends up on your arteries
    • and more…
  4. Fish
    • depending on the source, they are toxic for the body
    • good news: fish is not the only source of good omega oils, nor do we need too much of it
    • and more…

I encourage you to read more about the topic and to educate yourself. You don’t need to be a doctor or to have a medical background in order to understand how your body works. We all have a body. We should all be interested in how it works. No doctor knows better than you what your body needs.

My recommendation on what books you can read is:

  • The China Study by  T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell
  • 80-10-10 Diet by Douglas N Graham
  • The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse

As an ending point: not everything that is vegan is healthy though so we will be covering this in the future.

And the most important thing, you choose what to believe in. I chose to believe in the vegan lifestyle. 🙂

Good luck with educating yourself!

Next, we will be talking about dairy products, so stay tuned!

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