Attachments Influence Our Soul Evolution

Having attachments it influences our soul evolution, meaning that attachments don’t let your soul evolve.

But our souls needs to evolve, they need to learn certain aspects, and in order to do that, they need to go through certain experiences. We all know that through experiences we get to learn new things and eventually we get to learn about ourselves.

Getting to know yourself, more and more, it gives you satisfaction and self-trust. You find out what you like and dislike, you get experience and you gather information, and then you start to trust yourself and the information that you know. You start to speak for yourself and you cross your own barriers, you cross the limits that you set, for yourself, in your mind.

And then your soul evolves. If you hold on to a thing, an object or a person, it means that you are scared about change, about letting go. So you just struggle in a situation that doesn’t bring you any comfort. You hold on to the past, while you are not letting the future to come in. You hold on to the same past that brought you in this situation, in the situation that you need to change something.

Holding on to it, it will only manifest more of what you are putting your energy into, it will keep manifesting the past. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the past, but your soul is trying to communicate to you, that it got its lesson and it learned what it needed to learn from that experience, and now it needs to move on and let other experiences to come in.

Buddha said “The root of suffering is attachment”.

And by letting go, you just find out that you haven’t lost anything except your attachments.

So if you have lost someone, it means that the person was keeping you from your own evolution, and the universe(or God) decided it was time to move on. It means that your soul made a “contract” with the other soul, for it to come into your life, help you by giving the experience that you needed, and then it left while you can continue moving forward on your path.

Next, we will be talking about soul contracts and how do we attract people into our lives based on what we need to learn. Stay tuned!

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