How Do We Create Our Reality?

So we’ve all heard about positive thinking, positive affirmations and that it is important to see the glass half full, not half empty. Somehow when you are in the story you see things differently. Because you get emotionally involved, of course.

But if you get to understand the basics of how the universe functions, and through practice, it gets easier and easier to dictate your mind how to think. Our mind is our ally unless we don’t pay attention to it and we don’t discipline it, then it becomes our enemy.

So why should we make our mind our ally? Because everything that we think materializes. If you feel poor then you will be, if you think you are rich then you will be, if you think you have a medical condition then you will develop that medical condition. See what I mean? What you think in this present moment is creating your future reality! That’s right! The scientists have already discovered this, so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and we can just use the information.

Where? It is all explained in the quantum physics,  so I dare you to go there and read. Or you might as well just use this energy into creating your own reality right now!

Have you ever wondered how does the Placebo effect work? Or how the hypochondriac man gets all the diseases that he thinks about and that he feels he has? It is the same principle. He thinks about the disease, he is searching for all the symptoms, he remembers that once he had those symptoms, so he gets scared, he starts to believe it, and through his emotions, he puts all the energy in motion, and now the universe is working to create the thing that he desires.

You might say that he didn’t desire the disease. The universe doesn’t know the difference between good or bad, the difference between good thoughts or bad thoughts, between good emotions or bad emotions. It is just energy for it. And, when you put energy into something, from nothing, it becomes something.

As our beloved Einstein said, imagination is the key to succeeding with everything that we need, everything that we want. Either you believe it or not, your thoughts and emotions create your reality, the universe functions under these laws.

Ok, enough with me convincing you. Now maybe you want to know how to apply it?

So we start with a thought. We develop the thought into a visual picture, inside our minds. Then the picture becomes a story and we start to feel the emotions that we would feel if we were experiencing that situation right in this moment, in the present moment. And so we give our thought life, we shift our perspective, our state of mind, and we think that we already have the things from the visualized thought. And this is when the universe starts manifesting into your life what you desired.

Good luck with manifesting your desires.

Next, we will be talking about affirmations, what they are and how do they help us manifest our desires, so stay tuned.

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