Consciousness vs Subconsciousness

No wonder they say that we are what we believe we are and we have what we allow ourselves to have in our minds.

Just as it is pictured in the image above, the consciousness is only the superficial part of the iceberg, the part that you can see on the surface of the sea, while the subconsciousness is everything that you don’t see, everything that you don’t remember, that you don’t pay attention to, it is the program of the mind that is running in the background and that it influences all your decisions. Scary, right? 😀

The good part is that you can reprogram your subconsciousness, through self-discipline, self-love, and a lot of patience. Based on your beliefs, it is easier or not to do so, but it is not impossible. You need to be consistent, though. Imagine a bad thought that you kept running in your mind, every second, of every minute, of every day, during the past 5-10-20-x years. Do you think it would be easy to eliminate that thought just by saying the opposite, meaning the good thought, for 5 minutes, every day, for a week? It is possible, I’m not saying that it is not, you know your power after all! All I’m saying is that if your belief is too strong, be patient and keep being consistent with it!

So going back to basics, we start the good thought in our conscious mind, we are consistent, patient, and we reprogram a belief. Our subconscious mind start to believe what we want and then we take decisions based on the new belief, and more so, we start manifesting a new reality.

Let’s take an example about money, the beliefs that our parents/ uncles/ grandparents/ friends kept repeating to us, were eventually implemented in our subconscious mind as background programs based on which we took all our decisions and based on which we created our reality: “You need to work hard to have money!”, “Money go easily as they come!”, “Rich people are unhappy”, “Rich people gained all their money from bad sources”.  No wonder we are not in wealth, we either do not have money or health. You can easily change your reality once you discover your beliefs and where do they come from. Is it your own belief or is it an inherited one? If it is your own belief, where does it come from? What event in your life led you to believe so? Just ask yourself, did that belief served you well in the past? If not, why do you keep it?

This is an entire process from awareness, to manifestation, so make sure you enjoy the process in order to arrive at the right destination.

Next, we will be talking about how we create our own reality, stay tuned!

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