Diets vs Lifestyle

Nowadays, there are just a few people that can say they didn’t try any diets or that they didn’t restrict their calories. Society teaches us daily that we need to be skinny in order to be liked by others. And that’s so unfortunate.  All we want is to be happy. Yes, it is not healthy to be overweight, but it would be better to wish for health instead of skinny legs.

So diets! Almost every diet I know is based on calorie restrictions (I say almost, but I think that all diets are based on this). So when you are on a diet, you eat less, you feel without energy, you lose weight if you are lucky(most of it being water loss), you feel happy for a while, and then you start eating again, you gain even more weight, and you end up unhealthy and unhappy. And the loop repeats.

This is the vicious cycle that makes our bodies even more efficient. Yes, I said efficient. You eat less and you gain more weight. Have you ever wondered how is this even possible? Well, remember what I said? Our bodies know very well how to survive, so you are putting your body in survival mode, and you make it believe that there is a famine. So our bodies store all the food intake in order to use it later when we restrict our calories again. So congratulations, we have now an efficient body! 🙂

The difference between a diet and a lifestyle is that after you went on a diet you return to your old habits(sooner or later), the same habits that didn’t serve you well in the past and that brought you to the initial condition to start the diet. A lifestyle requires more discipline and consciousness, it requires you to realize the bad habits and then change them with new and better ones.

Falling off the wagon, when going on a diet, is very common and so understandable. You are nothing to be blamed for and nothing to be ashamed of. This does not make you less ambitious! It is natural for your body to ask you for nutrition foods and to give you cravings. It is your body’s way of saying “That’s it! You either give me food, or you give me food!”. Our bodies are so intelligent, if only we could start listening to it! It gives us all the signs that we need! We just need to pay attention and to listen to it. It is like a very good servant and a very good friend!

We are all different, we have different body genes and different beliefs. And this is why some of us are skinny even though they eat a lot, and some of us are heavier even though they eat so less. But we all have a body and we all need to eat in order to survive.

And more so, we all need to build a strong relationship with our bodies in order for it to trust us. So, as I promised, there are some basic things to remember when you are trying to build this relationship:

  • do NOT diet!
  • do NOT do fasting of any kind: water/juice fast
  • drink a lot of water, 3L/day (~100 ounces/day)
  • eat a lot of healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes
  • rest at least 8-9 hours per night
  • do not restrict your calories
  • meditate, calm your mind, relax
  • go in nature

And start a healthy lifestyle, eventually, your body will trust you again, and you will lose the excess fat and heal. If you eat clean and give your body what it needs, it will regain it’s natural state and well being.

Next, we will be talking about a healthy lifestyle, so stay tuned! 🙂


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