Soul – Feed Your Soul

There are so many questions that I’ve asked myself. What am I doing here? What is my life purpose? Is there any life after death? I did find out some interesting things that I’ve found comfort in, but the real thing is that I will only live once, at least in this life 🙂 So I better make it count!

“Once is enough if you do it right” 🙂

Now, what is right? This is another question, and there are so many answers. I tried to find out the basics that can be the answers for everyone and not just one person. So I decided that I want a sort of manual to explain the basics and where to start.

We’ve separated ourselves from our own soul, we try to please others not considering our own feelings, we have expectations that lead to frustration, we suffer and we don’t understand the meaning of all this, the meaning of life.

All our experiences help us to evolve but sometimes we don’t see it that way. Going Back to the Basics can help us shift our perception, and through perception, we change everything in our lives.

So shall we go Back To Basics?


Photo credits: Cristina Tripon

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