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As I said earlier, humans are active beings that need to be in nature to keep their mind sane but also to keep their body healthy.

We have such an amazing vehicle, so complex and interesting! It has its own consciousness and is on our side also! How fortunate to be? Well, enough not to realize this.

Unfortunately, we feed our bodies with chemicals that have little to nothing nutritional, we sleep less, hydrate less, and, as a cherry on the top, we stress ourselves beyond measure. What does it have to do? It has everything to do, our emotions manifest illnesses in our bodies.

Ok, but wait, there are other issues that we cannot control, like genetics and all, or can we? Of course, we can! After we understand The Basics!

What I find more interesting is how our diets influence our body fluctuations and our mood. We are putting our body on surviving mode and we have more and more demands. It is working so hard, continuously, and we give it, even more, work to do. We feed it less in order to be skinny and we abuse it. But don’t worry, our body knows just one thing and that is How To Survive! It will do anything for us to Survive!

Doesn’t it make you want to help it? Our body is our home after all!

We need to have a very good relationship with our body in order for it to trust us and serve us well, without any illnesses. We need to pay attention to the signs that our body is trying to transmit. It is all about a good communication, just like in any other relationship 🙂

So let’s start our good relationship with our body.

We will be finding out a lot about our intuition, our body’s needs, cravings, calories, fats, proteins, carbs, recipes, veganism, nutrition, and so much more!

Let’s go Back To Basics!


Photo Credits: (Designed by Chevanon)

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