About Life Back to Basics

We have come so far, we evolved as a species, technology has advanced greatly in recent years, but still, we seem like we’ve forgotten the basics, what makes us happy, we forgot how to live.

We are trying so hard to keep our mind busy with movies, video games, and we are in a continuous running, from one place to another and from ourselves. We are more and more tired and we have less time for what we want to do.

We are human beings, we are intelligent and we can change our life 180 degrees in the direction that we want. It’s just a little bit of science combined with a lot of intuition, but it’s not rocket science!

We need an intention and the universe will put everything in motion, just like that! Life Back To Basics is here to show you the direction and you are here to come with your intention!

How many times have we heard the questions: Who are we? What are we doing here? What is our purpose? Do we know what we like to do, and what we want to become? There are some lucky ones that they do know, but most of us we don’t. So there must be a basis from which we all started!

And in order to find out all that is to understand that we are more than what we see, we are more than a body, we are more than a mind, we are more than soul. We are all three, we are Mind, Body, and Soul and in order to find out Who We Are is to understand the basics.

And so, there are three directions on where to search, we will find what to feed our Minds with, Bodies and Souls to be happy.

So let’s go Back to Basics!

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