Why Should We Educate Ourselves?

In the article on Vegan Lifestyle, I was talking about the fact that everyone should educate himself on nutrition and how our body works. When you buy an appliance, in order to use it, you need to read the specifications. If you don't read those specifications, it is possible for you not to use it according [...]

Eggs. Are eggs healthy?

Eggs are a staple food nowadays so we need to ask ourselves the big question: Are eggs healthy? Are eggs safe? Before you answer what you were told, just think for a minute and start looking for the answers where no industry has something to win from this. What I am referring to is that usually, the [...]

Is Meat Healthy? Part 2

As I promised, I will present to you some disturbing facts about meat, facts that will make you question all this industry and you will think again before choosing to invest your money and health in them. If you are not willing to find out all of these, please remember that no one is forcing [...]

How Do Ancestors Influence Our Lives?

There are two perspectives that I want to develop in this article. The first one is linked to our genes, how do ancestors influence our lives on the physical layer, in the physical body, and the second one is about our psychological predisposition, how do they influence our perspectives. But first, we need to understand why [...]